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"Andrew is gay" omg not you i meant the other andrew! [30 Sep 2008|01:08pm]
[ mood | moody ]

18 year old girls named Angelique aren't allowed to enjoy life at all.
Or enjoy things normal teenagers are supposed enjoy.
Regardless of how "good" i am, i'm not free.
Yeah guilty i've tried the basics from the book.
But i haven't made any of it a habit or even liked it for the matter.
That stuff grosses me out and drinking isn't something i like to do regularly at all.
What more can she ask for?
I call her when i get to where i'm going, i call her when i'm late,
i call her if theres a change of plans etc.
The only thing she can hold against me is me not having a job.
I've applied to a lot of places and called in, but no call back.
I can drive to anna maria but get yelled at for driving to Orlando?
I can hang out with perfect strangers from PCC/FSC but she gets mad
when i spend the day with caroline and ben and arrive home at 11:30?!
Or is it just the Ben factor?
Either way she doesnt communicate well with me so i never know how she feels or what shes thinking.
Thats one thing i hate about my mom.
I'm not saying i hate her completly becasue i do love her very much.
But i hate her menaupausal, old aged, irrational, stubborn, idiotic, bitchy self.
Maybe getting good grades and being a good person isnt enough.
Who knows? Someone knock some sense into my mom ASAP!
Or give a girl some advice please

ps- so i was suppsoed to go to halloween horror nights with Theta Chi/Ben for only $20 this Thursday. Anisette was gonig to go to that next week on a thursday night as well for harrison. She can still go but i cant because its a "School night". Last i checked i'm 4 years older than her.

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it's like that ya'll [10 May 2005|05:10pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

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